Daniel M Thompson

Assistant Professor · Political Science · UCLA
dthompson at polisci dot ucla dot edu

I am an assistant professor of political science at UCLA studying American politics and political methodology. My research studies elections in the US with a particular focus on the role of elections in local policymaking. I collect new data on local elections which I combine with large, untapped administrative datasets on government behavior. I then use modern empirical techniques for causal inference to study how elections influence the policies local governments choose. Prior to joining UCLA, I received a PhD in political science from Stanford. I received a Master of Public Policy degree from UC Berkeley in 2014.



How Did Expanding Absentee Voting Affect the 2020 US Election? Joint with Jesse YoderSandy Handan-Nader, Andy Myers, Toby Nowacki, Jen Wu, Chenoa Yorgason, and Andy Hall. 2021. Science Advances 7(52):1-8. (Working paper version with online appendix.)

Do Citizens Vote Against Incumbents Who Permit Local Immigration? Evidence from the Mariel Boatlift. Political Science Research and Methods. Forthcoming.

Universal Vote-by-Mail Has No Impact on Partisan Turnout or Vote Share (previous title: The Neutral Partisan Effects of Vote-by-Mail: Evidence from County-Level Roll-Outs). Joint with Jen WuJesse Yoder, and Andy Hall. 2020. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(25): 14052-14056. (Working paper version with online appendix.)

How Partisan Is Local Law Enforcement? Evidence from Sheriff Cooperation with Immigration Authorities. 2020. American Political Science Review 114(1): 206-221. (Working paper version with online appendix.)

Who Punishes Extremist Nominees? Candidate Ideology and Turning out the Base in U.S. Elections. Joint with Andy Hall. 2018. American Political Science Review 112(3): 509-524. (Online appendix.)

Working Papers

How Partisan Is Local Election Administration? Joint with Joshua Ferrer and Igor Geyn. Revise and Resubmit, American Political Science Review.

Do Elections Increase Police Responsiveness? Evidence from Elected Police Commissioners. Joint with Toby Nowacki.

Who Becomes a Member of Congress? Evidence From De-Anonymized Census Data. Joint with Andy HallJames Feigenbaum, and Jesse Yoder

Are Dead People Voting By Mail? Evidence From Washington State Administrative Records. Joint with Jen Wu, Chenoa Yorgason, Hanna Folsz, Sandy Handan-Nader, Andy Myers, Toby NowackiJesse Yoder, and Andy Hall.